Communication skills VR training with interactive role-play simulations

By using our VR training platform, companies:
  • Decrease onboarding period by 2
  • Increase revenue on the product line by 5 to 10%
  • Increase customer service level satisfaction by 25%

We help companies to increase communication skills of their team members with a special focus on sales team, manager soft skills, and foreign language practice.


Increase sales and average ticket with immersive VR training


Shorten restaurant staff adjustment time and increase sales with daily VR training on the spot


Streamline car dealership onboarding and increase cross-sales with VR Supersonic


Boost sales of additional services and increase client service level with our VR technology


Help students develop soft skills and improve communication in foreign languages

We help our clients to achieve great results

Different sectors, one platform, impressive ROI
Sales associates training
Challenge: Hamleys needed to reduce the onboarding period of new sales associates and increase the average amount of products sold in each transaction.
Solution: using our communication skills training platform, Hamleys was able to provide sales associates with realistic and immersive simulations that allowed them to practice real-life sales scenarios and improve their communication and sales skills. The platform provided personalized feedback to support coaching of each sales associate, helping them to identify areas for improvement and develop more effective sales strategies.
Result: Hamleys was able to reduce the adaptation period of new employees and increase the average amount of product sold in each sale, resulting in increased conversion by 40% and personal sales of the trainee from the 2nd month increased by 1.5-2 times.

Chain of restaurants (NDA)

Service zone training: from hosts to waiters.
Challenge: The restaurant chain needed to train more than 1200 employees across multiple locations and develop new and engaging training materials to improve communication and customer service.
Solution: our platform allowed 36 restaurants and 1500 employees to benefit from more than 14 000 individual VR training sessions per month.
One Training and Development manager created 82 different scenarios, so employees could improve every step with the client: from new menu acquaintance to basic service and sales skills.
Results: the company increased the average ticket value by 12%
and reduced the onboarding period of new employees by 2.5 times.
Leroy Merlin
Sales associates training
Challenge: Leroy Merlin needed to improve the customer service skills and sales performance of its sales associates to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.
Solution: using our platform, Leroy Merlin Training and Development department created customized scenarios tailored to their needs, including identifying the needs of the customer, product recommendations, and upselling techniques for accessories.
Results: Leroy Merlin was able to increase the accessories sales by 9.2% and customer satisfaction by 32%. Additionally, the training platform provided detailed analytics and performance metrics to track employee progress and identify areas for improvement. As a result, Leroy Merlin was able to improve its overall revenue and customer satisfaction while ensuring its sales associates had gained the necessary skills to succeed in real-life situations.
Why VR
The most effective way to acquire skills
  • 24/7 availabilty
    VR training is available anytime, anywhere, which allows learners to practice and improve their communication skills at their own pace and on their own schedule, making it a convenient and flexible training option
  • Active training
    VR provides realistic scenarios for learners to practice communication skills using their voice, increasing their confidence and competences
  • Cost-effective
    VR allows businesses to train large numbers of employees without incurring the high costs of traditional training methods. Additionally, with VR Supersonic platform the company can easily customize simulations to its specific needs, making it a flexible and cost-effective training option
  • Transaprent results
    VR training provides transparent and data-driven results that allow businesses to track and analyze training progress across locations while scaling training
Why our VR Platform
We're the most comprehensive and easy-to-use
VR training solution on the market
VR LMS System
With VR Supersonic LMS, you can easily transform traditional training into an engaging, memorable, and effective training experience. Create courses, assign tasks and tracks, and monitor results with our easy-to-use, comprehensive system
Unlock insights and make data-driven decisions with our advanced VR training analytics system
Easy Launch
With VR Supersonic, launching your training program is fast and easy. Our platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to get started immediately
No limits
Unlike many other training solutions, VR Supersonic has no restrictions on usage, allowing you to train as many employees as you need, whenever you need
Patent pending VR editor interface
With our powerful yet user-friendly simulation editor, you can easily create immersive training scenarios to help your employees train specific skills and behaviors

Steps to launch

VR as a service: our team and approach will make you start smooth and implementation seamless

Frame the needs

Define the scope and get started by getting access our cutting-edge VR training platform

Tailored training to business needs

Develop your VR training experiences according to your business needs

Add employees

Easily upload your employees list and grant access to your customized VR training program

Ship VR to your locations

We'll send all necessary equipment to your locations and onboard your employees, for an immediate start of their training
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